Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tubes, Tunnels and Mazes

Last week I brought in PVC pipes and connectors with magnets attached
                    to the backs of the connectors.
The idea is that the tubes would be tunnels for the big pipe cleaner
                         worms that were included.
IMG_2351 IMG_2341
I set it on the floor beside our worm composter but either the
    children didn't notice it or they weren’t that interested.
Only a couple of children attempted to put them together
                   during the whole week.

This week I moved the metal board and tunnels to the sensory table
         and switched the pipe cleaners to marbles.
IMG_2665 IMG_2669
The children were instantly attracted and tried a variety of combinations
           of the tubes and connectors to make a maze.
The toddlers were also fascinated with the marbles and when they can drop
                  them into something it is even better.
    IMG_2679 IMG_2680
I wasn’t sure if she knew what happened to the marbles after she dropped
them in.  We had her look into the tube, which she was happy to do but wasn’t
interested in the other end.  She was interested in dropping one marble at a time,
again and again and again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day

It was a beautiful morning and we spent the entire time at the pond.  
Here are the activities we did.

Sit, Look and Draw
IMG_2539 IMG_2540
We took some time to sit by the pond and look around.  Then drew something that we saw.

Pond Skimmers
Pond skimmers made from old embroidery hoops and panty hose.  We think that is pollen from the trees.

Building Boats
IMG_2648 IMGP2907
This is a favourite activity, first to use the hammers and second to set sail.

Sit and Listen
Take some time just to sit and listen.  What can you hear?  They heard lots of birds.
They also heard the Snowbirds as they trained overhead.

Earth Art

By using natural and man-made materials the families created works of art on the ground.

Chalk Stenciling
stencil IMG_2615
This was the top favourite activity of the morning.  I created stencils using a die cut machine, laminated them and then cut out the center.  The children picked one, placed in on the ground then sprayed water on them.  Next they used a grater and sidewalk chalk to leave the shape behind.

Sun Prints
sun prints IMG_2590IMG_2589 IMG_2659
Thanks to Colleen, a fellow facilitator, for this idea.  The children placed various objects on dark paper when they arrived in the morning then before leaving they removed them to see if anything happened to the paper.

Play dough
    IMG_2551 DSCN2959          DSCN2960 IMG_2653
The children used materials they found around the mat to create.

With pretend fire and s’mores.

Chairs with Dolls and Fairies
IMG_2549 IMG_2584
A quiet spot to make believe with a friend.

It was a fantastic day to be outside.  Hope you enjoyed Earth Day too.