Saturday, February 6, 2016

What's Outside Our Window

On our last outdoor day the children were introduced to binoculars.
They were quite interested so I set them up on a table in front  
of our classroom window.
Each day I saw children looking out the window
and around the room,
trying to figure out how to use them.

They were encouraged to draw what they saw outside the window.



Our window looks out to our parking lot and I didn't think the children would see much 
other than cars and trucks.
But they noticed the trees and the roof tops across the street, the rain falling, 
a bird feeder, a flag pole and planes flying overhead.
Taking time to look will open our eyes.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Last week we had a closer look at a painting by Monet.
Various activities were set up throughout the program,
throughout the week focusing on shapes, colour and bridges.
We started the week painting with blocks.
Feeling the shapes in our hands.
Creating pictures, building on each shape, mixing colours.

We experimented building bridges using materials from our block corner.
Next we explored the colour purple.
How can we make purple by mixing colours?
Using plastic wrap gave us a different feel for the paint
and allowed some children, whom do not like their fingers dirty,
to paint.

And finally we spent a morning drawing Monet's Waterloo Bridge 
using chalk pastels.

Our student artists.
And our parent artists.
Which artist shall we discover next?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Predicting Flower Colours

Last week I brought in two pots of bulbs.
As a few children were having their snack I heard them talking about the flowers.
 It inspired me to ask them if they knew what colour the flowers will be?
I grabbed a piece of paper to record their colour guess.
As the week progressed more children recorded their colour.
Some noticed the tag that came with the plant and guessed a colour from the picture.
Others just guessed their favourite colour.
This week when we returned to school the flowers were blooming
and we had the answer, purple.
To me it doesn't matter what colour they guessed
or if they were right.
The process got them thinking about flowers, colours,
sharing their thoughts, gripping a pencil
and printing their names.
And now we have lovely centrepieces for our snack table.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

StoryWalk - The Jolly Postman

While we were at the Visitor Centre I set up several activities outside.
One was a StoryWalk.
 The Jolly Postman by Allan and Janet Ahlberg.
There isn't much green space around the centre so I used a clothesline
to hang the story on a fence.
To expand the idea of mail I set up a mail box with envelopes and pens.
They wrote their address on the envelopes and put them in the mailbox.
I'll mail them soon.
I hope they are surprised when it arrives at their house.

Marmots on Groundhog Day

We spent the morning at our local Visitor's Centre.
They have a wonderful hands on discovery area.
I created a scavenger hunt of items to find in the discovery area.
It worked as a guide because there is so much to see.
I'm just sharing a bit here today.
But what interested me the most was the marmot display
and their burrows.
It's perfect for the children to crawl into.
I brought the stool so they could pop their head out of the top.
We discovered that there are small tunnels connecting both sides.
At one point a child thought he saw a snake inside,
so I crawled in with a flashlight
and discovered it was a wire hanging down.
But that lead us to discover that the burrows are connected.
We practiced, a little, looking for our shadows.